Thursday, April 9, 2009

day 13 spa/dance party

today was very eventful. after a tour of a german pottery, we headed to a nearby town to spend the afternoon relaxing in a spa. afterwards we headed back to the school to have a dance party. there were lights and all kinds of crazy techno. the party lasted a while but eventually we headed home to eat some sandwiches. yum

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 12 europapark

today we ventured to the wonderful country of germany to visit europa park. there were many wacky rollercoasters that we rode numerous times, one of which is the tallest rollercoaster in europe. Afterwards we drove home, where our family went out to eat a popular french dish, tart frombe, which was quite delicious.

day 11 bowling/ parliament

Today we got a bit more sleep because we didnt have to go out of town. we stayed in strasbourg and went bowling. i beat everyone in my game by thirty points, and they were all devastated. after the games were over we headed back to the school to meet up with french students, and eat lunch. We went to mcdonalds for some reason and ate our food in the town square next to the fountains. we then headed back to meet our teachers, who were taking us to the european parliament building. we had the most long and painful tour on the face of the earth, but the building was very very nice. i think i am finally gettting used to the french keyboard now.

day 10 paris

The weekend had little to speak of because we had to stay indoors, but monday was a great day. we woke up incredibly early, around four, to drive out to the strasbourg train station, whre we met the rest of our classmates. the train took about 2 and a half hours to go what would normally take about 5 hours by car. in paris we saw several sights from the bus tour we took, but we only got out to see a few. we rode the elevator to the floor before the top of the eifel tower. you can see all of paris from there. we also visited the louvre to see very famous art pieces. it was a wonderful day, and i took lots of pictures

Friday, April 3, 2009

day 7 epic

we woke up a little later today because the french students were coming with us to see obama. after numerous failed attemtps at tieing my tie, i finally managed to get dressed up for the event. we met at a cinema at nine, to get on a bus, that took us to an ice skating rink, where we waited even longer to walk over to the basketball court, where we passed through security, to sit down and wait two mores hours to see obama. when he came out it was 2 in the afternoon. regardless everyone was overjoyed to watch him give his speech. it felt great to be that close to the president.
after we left i began to notice many of those NATO protesters in the streets. as i got closer we saw several riot control units standing guard. as we neared the house we were forced to get out of the car and walk because the police had blocked off our street. we had to show one of the gaurds holding of the protestors our passports for us to get through. but that wasn't even the worst part. as i walked quickly behind phillipe andhis dad we could see a bigger commotion going on ahead. the people protesting were trying to get out into the city. i heard loud explosions, and tear gas stung my eyes as we walked down a side pathe to phillipes house. it was quite frightening, and tommorow we will have to stay home, due to the roads being blocked off.

day 6 pretty cool

after enjoying an ecclair(my new favorite food) for breakfast, we took a long bus ride to a castle in the ,ountains of france. it was cool, but i could hardly stand how cold it was. When the tour was over i enjoyed an enourmous lunch packed by my host mom, and rode the bus back to the school. A local news station interviewed us when we arrived again in strasbourg, and im pretty sure we are on the news in wilmington. the crowd near our neighborhood is huge now, and it is hard to sleep with the noise they make at night.

day 5

today we got up early to go to the french students' school. it was kind of boring because all we did was sit in a class and get interviewed by an english class. afterwards we had a volleyball tournament, and thanks to my wonderful skill we came in third. after, i came home and began to notice a large crowd growing near phillipe's house. apparently they are a NATO protest group that wants peace.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day 4

we saw the gym class of our host students today. it looks like more fun than we have in our school. afterwards we went to a meuseum of strasbourg on a bus, and from there we rode to a concentration camp in the mountains. it zas very sad to see. afterwards we came back to the school to play some soccer? during which i was made fun of for sosing the ball? and then home.